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Prophet Stephen has always been professional with me.  I ask him questions about love and my job.  He has pulled me through hard times and gives me excellent psychic readings every time.  I highly recommend him.  

Melody K.


Yup, he is the real deal.  I asked him several questions about my relationship that nobody else could know.  He told me specific details and even picked up a name of someone that I know in my life that I didn’t even ask him about.  He told me what he saw and I concur that he is real.  

June W.

Office Clerk

Been coming to Prophet Stephen for 5 years now and he always has something amazing to tell me.  He found my dog once and lead me to a guy in my love life.  He is “super fast” and understands people well. He is like a pastor, psychic all in the same package.  

Terry J.

Government Worker

Just wanted to say that I love your new video. You are looking good. I wish I was in Florida to. Anyways, thanks for the psychic reading that you gave to me.  It helped me to see that my marriage is not over with. You deserve ten stars.

Carlos P.


As a fellow psychic, I must say that you are true to your reading. Highly profesional and insightful.  You have what it takes to help people. God bless you!

Tilly N.

Real Estate

Not only did he pick up on specific details, but he also told me when financing was going to come for my store.  He was right.  Prophet Stephen amazes me. How does he know this stuff?

Haley T.

Fashion Designer

I was at your live seminar and you gave me a psychic reading after the show.  You were great.  I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about some hard issues that I was facing and hitting the nail on the head. All that I can say is that you have a powerful spiritual gift that should be cherished.  I have never found anyone like you in the world and trust me, I have been to many psychics. You are a true prophet!!!!

Emily Y.


Beautiful person inside and out.  Easy to talk to on the phone and gave me accurate love advice.  He is someone that you can call all of the time for help. Great newsletter. Enjoyed your stories this month.  Great teaching video on business. I learned a lot from it and always get something out of your psychic readings.  

Wanita W.

Dance Instructor

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